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Employee Wellness Services

Enhanced well-being, improved employee morale, increased employee presenteeism and reduced health benefit costs often result when employers implement wellness programs. First Line Nutrition emphasizes that at the core of wellness is good nutrition.

What I can offer your company:

  • Onsite Nutrition Workshops
  • Your company nutritionist – onsite individual nutrition counseling for your employees
  • Cooking Demonstrations and Programs
  • Interactive Health Fair Activities
  • Weight Loss Groups or Nutrition Support Groups – may be offered on site or by teleconference webinar
  • Telephonic individual nutrition coaching
  • Employee Challenges

Affordable wellness means spending precious budget dollars wisely on programs with proven benefits. If you would like to request a free company wellness consultation please contact us.

Wellness Workshops

Whet Your Employees’ Appetite for Wellness 
These hot topics are designed to entice participants into the action mode of healthy eating. Our programs stand out because we highlight most effective lifestyle changes, based on key points from pertinent research. Creative, interactive activities guide participants so that they leave with a next step in mind. Call Tina for pricing at 917.533.5734.

Nutrition seminars offered by First Line Nutrition:

The Art and the Science of Eating Well
Take a closer look at the “why” behind current nutrition recommendations and learn how to make lifestyle changes that stick.

The Mediterranean Diet: Fruitful or just a fad?
You’ve heard of it, but what is it? If you love Mediterranean meals, they can give a powerful punch to your health.

Sodium? How low can you go?
What’s all the fuss over sodium lately? Hear why sodium reduction is important, as well as how to take your blood pressure down with diet. Learn the elements of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet, which is not just about sodium reduction.

What’s for Dinner? EZ Ideas for serving up good nutrition to your family
Feeding a family, even a family of one or two, is hard enough in our time-challenged culture, let alone having to keep it high in nutrition. Realistic and affordable solutions for keeping your kitchen healthy provided.

Tea and Chocolate
It’s true, these foods really are healthful. This program will give perspective to the research of phytochemicals and antioxidants and also provide a sample taste of these delicious and healthy foods.